What is EFT?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques – often referred to as ‘tapping’ because you tap on yourself.

It is a leading edge, stress-reduction technique that works quickly to reduce or eliminate the stress caused by negative emotions. It is also a self-help tool, so easy to learn even a child can do it.

Throughout our lives we store an ocean of memories and experiences in our minds and bodies, not all of them are conscious or joyful. With EFT we can remove the sting, or the stress, of the memories and experiences from the past, and also the present, that affect us.Be it repeated put-downs from a family member, or that fight with your boss that just happened, by applying EFT you can be free of that experience. It becomes just a story, without any attachment, negativity or stress – emotional freedom! And with emotional freedom those putdowns no longer limit you and the disagreement can be remedied.

The basis of EFT is that all problems, whether emotional, physical or performance-based, are the result of imbalances, or disruptions, in the body’s energy system. These imbalances can have profound, negative effects on our wellbeing.

EFT works to dissolve beliefs and experiences that fuel stress, anxiety, disease and/or dysfunction. If you find yourself stuck, there is likely something working beneath the surface of your awareness that is blocking you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be stuck.

It’s my job as coach/practitioner to help you identify the problem and clear the way forward.