Attend a Monthly Meetup

If you live in, or near, Edmonton, attend the Edmonton EFT for Weight Loss monthly Meetup. On the first Wednesday evening of every month, excluding July and August, we meet to tap on a topic of interest related to weight loss and wellness.

You will be amongst others who share your concerns and challenges. In this safe, respectful environment you will benefit from the company and support of others.

Sometimes we work together on common situations. Other times I will coach one person specifically, with everyone’s participation. This benefits both the individual being coached, as well as all the participants in the room. It’s called ‘Borrowing Benefits.’

Come see how this works, because it does. What have you got to lose? You will learn an amazing, self-help tool that you can use on pretty much any problem.

This is a very low-cost, introduction to EFT with a skilled, weight loss coach and certified EFT practitioner. Only $20 per person. Join the group and register for the next Meetup.