About Me


Following a career in graphic design I spent two years in coach training, graduating in 2001.

A specialty in wellness came easily to me because I’ve always cared about living a healthy life. Then I became even more specialized, supporting clients to lose weight. I chose this weight loss coaching specialty believing that because I was a thin and active, health conscious individual I could support people who struggled with the things I did easily.

I was quite naïve.

I was a product of the culture we live in, where it is believed that if we just eat less and move more we will lose weight. Not necessarily so! If it were that simple we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic.

Hundreds of clients and plenty of research have taught me that weight management is quite complex. Excess weight is impacted by a variety of factors, including: stress, sleep, hormones, emotions, genes, drugs, self-image… and not limited to calories in / calories out. Truthfully, my approach has always been comprehensive and holistic and not focused on calories. (See my original site at www.weightandwellnesscoach.ca for plenty of resources.)

Having experimented with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, often called tapping) for many years, I pursued training, was mentored and certified 2/16.

EFT is an excellent coaching tool that allows me to explore the stress of negative emotions with clients in order to reduce or eliminate them. No matter how devoted you are to the proper diet and lifestyle, you’re unlikely to achieve your ideal weight if emotional barriers exist. And we all have some kind of emotional barriers.

Proper training, experience, intuition and coaching skills are extremely beneficial in using EFT, and can make significant differences in the level of results.

My Approach

Excess weight is often a symptom of a life out of balance. My approach is to address the imbalance, the stress and/or lack of joy, versus the calories. Of course calories play a role, but let’s get to the source of your weight challenges. For example, what makes you eat? Let’s do something about that.

My intent is to support you to identify core issues, limiting beliefs and negative emotions you hold about your self and your body and clear them with EFT. You will change, and your relationship to food and your body will change.

As an EFT weight loss coach, I support people who want to work towards a healthier weight and a more balanced, fulfilling life.

My Training

Coach training, Coach U
Motivational Interviewing, Levels I and II, Kerr Creative Consulting
Changing your Mind (coaching people with AD/HD) American Coaching Association
Emotional Freedom Techniques, Levels I and II, www.eftuniverse.com
EFT Intermediate Practitioner I certification, www.eftuniverse.com


International Coach Federation
Edmonton Charter Chapter of the International Coach Federation
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology


I have two adult sons and one husband. I love gardening in the summer, painting in the winter, and good food, yoga and being physically active all year round.

The images on this site are small sections taken from larger works that I have painted.